The ARTISTRY AWARDS are awarded by our elite adjudicators to the teams that have displayed Best Choreography, Best Technique, Most Entertaining, Most Creative, Most Original and Most Outstanding.


These awards are not judged on a score system. They are awarded by the adjudicator to the teams that they feel are most deserving of these awards on the day of the LIVE Competition.


By awarding the Masters Dance Awards ARTISTRY AWARDS we acknowledge the importance of the artistry, creativity and effort put forward in these routines by the teams that are competing.


BEST CHOREOGRAPHY – A routine that displays the most original and artistic choreography choreography.

BEST TECHNIQUE – A group that displays a high level of training and dance technique throughout their performance.

MOST ENTERTAINING – A group that is the most enjoyable to watch and demonstrates a high level of performance.  

MOST CREATIVE – A group who has cleverly used props and costumes to make their routine stand out.

MOST ORIGINAL – A group that has the most original concept for choreography and theming.

MOST OUTSTANDING – A piece that stands out from the rest and leaves an impact - from performance to choreography to execution! This award represents the judges’ overall favourite piece in each age category of each genre.


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